A: Please check the two water taxi company websites for the most up-to-date schedules: http://www.belizewatertaxi.com/ http://www.oceanferrybelize.com/
A: Given the current water taxi schedule, this should not be a problem. It should not take more than an hour to get through customs. For more details on getting to San Pedro from the international airport in Belize City (including prices and timelines), please read the section of our website on getting to the hotel.
A: If you are interested in exploring the mainland, I would recommend spending your time in San Ignacio in Western Belize in the Cayo District, as there is much more to see and do, more options for accommodation, and it is much safer than Belize City. San Ignacio is a great base for doing several day trips, including cave tubing, zip lining, and visiting Mayan ruins.
A: It depends on how much time you have in Belize. If you have a few days to spare, I would recommend spending a few nights in San Ignacio and taking your time to explore the mainland from there. If you only have a few days in Belize total, it would be best to pick one mainland excursion and take the boat or flight back and forth to the island the same day. There are several activities that you can combine in one day, including the Belize Zoo, zip lining, cave tubing, and Mayan ruins. Some companies combine up to three in one day. This is a great way to see a lot of things in a short period, but it can be pretty tiring since the journey from the island to the mainland can take over an hour. If you choose to fly to the mainland and back, it will cost about $60 US more depending on the company and the exact tour you choose, but you will save a lot of time and energy.
A: We can recommend several companies for mainland activities, depending on which specific activities you’re interested in and how many people you have in your group. We usually book excursions for guests after they arrive at the hotel, but if you’re on a tight schedule we can help you arrange your excursions ahead of time. Some of the companies we would recommend include Reef Adventures, Searious Adventures, Seaduced, Inland and Sea, and Caribbean Adventures.
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